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So today I thought I would try to figure out why one of my Pages is listed as a Category and what all that difference is. I am doing so cause my Home button shows my ABOUT page instead of just the last post I did and I am not sure how to change that.

Attracting the readership I would like. This site will generally be used for the purpose of writing, hoping to get a reader base for a murder mystery novel that I would like to write. It would also maybe be for posting about any new happenings that are just to silly not to share, like Tuesday was my birthday and my husband thought that a Oil Change would be a great gift from my daughter. I could have been really mad instead of just slightly Hmmm’d but he at least made an effort to do something on behalf of our daughter along with making her pick out a very cute card.

My other blog: Trena’s Quilting Parade, is about my quilts, challenges, and all that it entails to get one done whether it be small or large. That one is more photo based, so it would be good to have some instruction on getting photos & resizing help.

I will look at themes later, maybe change it…current one is My Life.

Thank you, Have a great day.


2 thoughts on “Menu & Headers

  1. Hi Trena, you can change menu options in the customizer in WP Admin. There you can choose front page as static or posts page. Look also for menus in settings were you can add pages to the primary menu. Pages need to be set up first then you can change order in the settings.

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