It’s NOT fun yet!

For some crazy reason back in in April/May I decided that I should learn how to run. You know the sport/activity/pavement pounding with your feet kinda running. Why? That flickering moment when you see someone running along the road and you think to yourself “boy that looks fun/cool” and then you try it.  Huffing and puffing at house number 5, which is not even the end of the block, you think “it will make me healthy.” It does but it doesn’t, still working on the answer to that one. Crazier still, you sign your self up for a 2.5K at the end of August. I should be able to run a mile & 1/2 by 4 months, HA! I say that now but I still have 2 weeks until the race (Women Rock) Friday night. Little o’le me will be at the State Capitol trying to not look out of place and trying to convince myself that I am ready to try my best OR not to puke on someone due to nerves.

I have taken comfort from Kelly at Run, Selfie, Repeat, that it’s ok to start running and not be able to make it down the block without needing a breather for 10 minutes. So I have kept going and will keep going but it’s not fun yet. My current short term goal is to make it a half kilometer at a steady run, i’ve gotten close but not there yet. I will keep trying ’cause at some time it should get to be fun????

Tell me about your start to running. Thanks for sharing.

My running outfit for races.

My running outfit for races.


One thought on “It’s NOT fun yet!

  1. Funny thing is that everyone who runs a starts at the same place. The beginning:) and as we run we get better. Stronger, faster and before we know it running longer then we ever dreamed we could. So run! Run because you can!


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