Best run yet

Last night I had my best run. My goal was to finish a 2.5K in less than 30 minutes. For some people that is entirely do-able but not necessarily for me. So I went out got started and then realized I was tensing up. It is really hard to relax, breath and keep running at the same time. However I finally managed it. At one point I had the thought “I could run a little longer this rep around” but then it went out the door and I slowed to a walk not wanting to push it.  I kept realizing that I was really walking slow but shouldn’t be “pick up the pace girl.” Good thing there is music to keep the feet moving faster than a turtle.

I did it tho and was so thrilled that I hit the 2.5K mark, with 4 walk breaks, at 24 minutes-give or take the seconds. So happy I was singing to the dog, who in dog fashion completely ignored my wailing. I didn’t care. Now why is this important you ask (well you should have asked) I am running in the Women Rock 2.5K this Friday night in downtown St Paul.

Women Rock event is my first Official event EVER and with only starting running in april/may this year, I think it’s a big deal. I am nervous about it – also they just got the course map out two days ago – but very excited and want it to go well i.e. not fall down or something silly. Of course I will tell you all about it next week. Until then..wish me luck & happy running.


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