When Running is FUN!

Running is fun when..

  • you get to race day and you go!
  • you are running on race day and laughing and smiling even tho you know no one else there
  • you see others out running and know that you can do that too
  • it’s for a good cause
  • you are with friends that run – don’t have any yet so I’m guessing it is

Last Friday was my event for Women Rock 2.5K at the state capitol in downtown St. Paul, MN. I was very nervous and cold. 68 degrees with windy conditions, I had so many goosebumps I thought my skin would never go back to normal. Did I mention that I didn’t know anyone else there beside my husband and daughter that came along to cheer and take some photos. Somehow I struck up a conversation with 4 other ladies, two were running in this event and the other two were running in th 5 & 10K the next morning. They were “impressed” that I had signed up for this even as I had only started running 4 months ago. Go Me!

The announcer came on and introduced Carrie Tollefson, US Olympic medalist, who gave us some inspiring words that unfortunately I was so far back in the pack I couldn’t make out but one has to be positive right? Anyway the horn went and we were off. Once I started running the nerves calmed down, the body warmed up, the sun gave a brilliant show at it set as we crossed the bridge, and wonderfully there were downhills which I loved. I laughed at the kids leaving their moms behind wove in between others just to wait for mom to catch up. Walked up the hill and made a grand finish in a blink of an eye.

This being my first race/run was an extremely satisfying event. I felt good about my time, roughly 22 min by RunKeeper time. I really, really LOVE the adrenaline that starts going somewhere in that mass of people.  It certainly made that run seem, dare I say it EASY! I know it wasn’t; I had the memory of tired legs and burning lungs from two months ago to remind me. All of that for this day…WORTH IT! Every last bit.  My reward was a cool medal from Women Rock 2.5K in the shape of a diamond, a High-Five from Carrie at the finish line and my daughter telling me she was proud of me and “good job mom!” OH and the Hot Fudge Sundae from DQ on the way home. Yum!

My official time was 20:27, not bad for a newbie!  Now off to the 5K, should be a piece of cake, right?


Me and My Medal



What is your best memory from when you first started running? When is running Fun for you?


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