Daily Writing Challenge – Day 4 and 5

Day 4 challenge was to create a domain name, which I will have to complete at a later date.

Day 5 – Join Facebook.

I have been on Facebook for quite some time but not posting as a writer. I most am that “silent stalker” kinda friend however I am considering having a second Facebook account, if that possible, for just my writing platform. You see my friends/family don’t know that I would like to write a book much less write anything. This has been my thing to either succeed or fail at without a lot of family/friends knowing about. I do have a private writing group on FB that challenges us write about a picture that is posted on a daily basis, that I enjoy ready the others posts; the fellow writers are very supportive and funny. I guess this challenge is one where I have to take it out of my “unknown” safe areas and put it out there for the family to see as well. Should be interesting.

Now I will share it with you dear reader: https://www.facebook.com/trena.johnson.12

Was your family/friends thoughts to you writing scary or positive?

Happy Writing!


One thought on “Daily Writing Challenge – Day 4 and 5

  1. Great post and I can certainly relate. Outside of my husband, no one in my family knows that I am an aspiring author. I didn’t want all the pressure and scrutiny. Once I’m published, I plan to send autographed copies in lieu of Christmas cards that year ☺


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