October Writing Challenge – Day 9

I just realised that I had the title wrong for the last couple days. I’ve been calling it Daily Writing Challenge instead of October Platform Challenge, either way it still is relating to what needs to be accomplished. On to today’s request.

Create an Editorial Calendar

It sounds so easy. Get Calendar, fill in days to blog and their topics.  However one could get stuck on a few details. Do I use a paper calendar, a digital calendar – with reminders might help. Where do I put a paper one as to not loose it in with other papers, where will it be best put where I will actually remember to LOOK at it.?  OR will it be a spreadsheet, a regular document with dates and ideas. a JPG that is set as my computers desktop background. Then there is the topics of discussion and frequency. Does one try to find helpful articles or talk about how many words you wrote in your novel program? I guess the idea to keep in mind that this is to build a reputation/platform so that publishers or others will be able to find you and through your archives make a decision about what you may, at some point, want to convince them, that you are are a good investment to publish a book under their name. As an author you need followers and with out beneficial content you may get some followers but they won’t stick around for long.

Getting back to the calendar. Keeping a schedule with be very helpful on those days when you need some extra motivation to write. For October it will be a daily or at least every other day event through this Challenge. November will have to be once or twice a week. I’m going to attempt the NaNoWriMo and see where it leads me, probably should have a good calendar working by them.

Until then…

Happy Writing



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