October Platform Challenge – Day 14

Day 14 Create a Time Management Plan

Here is what Robert says about it

Creating a Time Management Plan

So the next step is to create a time management plan that enables you to be “active” socially and connect with other writers and potential readers while also spending a majority of your time writing. Simple, right?

Here are a few time management tips:

  • Make the plan as simple or complicated as you need. For instance, my plan is to do 15 minutes or less of social media time after completing each decent-sized task on my daily task list. I use social media time as a sort of break, which I consider more productive than watching TV or playing video games.
  • Put writing first and make sure to include that. While I think extracurricular activities like platform development and submitting writing are super important for a successful writing career (and they are), what good are they without the writing to back it up? So make sure to include writing in your time management plan.
  • Be flexible. Set goals, deadlines, and whatever else you need to motivate you to get things done, but allow yourself flexibility in scheduling–because there will be times when everything goes wrong. Having a flexibility allows a writer to have an off-day (or off-month) and still be able to get back to it when things calm down a little.

Remember: A writing platform is a life-long investment in your writing career. It’s not a sprint, so you have to pace yourself. Also, it’s not something that happens overnight (as much as we wish it were), so you can’t wait until you need a platform to start building one. Begin today and build over time–so that it’s there when you need it.

But for today, just start figuring out how to manage your time, it’s one of your most valuable assets–not only as a writer, but as a human being.

He has several good points. I have failed at one of them, which is putting writing in there but only if you exclude my blog posts. I have not written anything on my book in over a month. That is going to change with NaNoWriMo tho. Is anyone else doing that challenge?

Now where did I put that blank calendar?

Happy Writing!


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