October Platform Challenge – Day 19

Research Live Events.

Seems simple enough. However finding a few that are not national was interesting. Starting to research anything always starts with a broad google search of various keywords. A little hit or miss until you see the “clues” within the search results. Try typing : Writing events and input your hometown or area with 2015. My search came up with a few that seemed like a good possibility. I have listed a few here that are local and one nationally. I may pick a couple go to next year.

I naturally do not want to put myself out there let alone want to go into a room of total strangers. However I have found that once I am actually in the environment or meeting room I can relax a bit, enjoy myself and perhaps even manage to talk to a total stranger. Of course I heavily rely on the presentation to break the ice a bit. Some people have some great entrance tips, I’m at a loss, so what tips can you give to make some great writer conversations?

Until then, Happy Writing.

P.s. Day 18 challenge I am skipping for the moment. It is to Contact An Expert for an Interview…umm, not yet.


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