October Platform Challenge-Day 20

Search for Yourself.

Dolphin Adventure Bahamas

Dolphin Adventure Bahamas

I was a little freaked out to do this one. I’m not sure I wanted to know if I could be found let alone what information might be pulled up and brought to light. Turns out there are a few of me however if you input my state the search narrowed down to actually me.  First result being LinkedIn, not bad but then it’s general information and even my maiden name. At least now I know if I Google myself I can find out how old I am 😀

Google plus shows up but I’m not sure how to get the posts to be shared publicly instead of just in my circles. Any thoughts my Google-savvy readers??? Thank you in advance.

Some Facebook, Pinterest, and I’m guessing at some point Twitter, the one I created for writing, will move up to the first page of search results generated, my other personally one is there. All of this very eye opening how much a few words can bring back so much information about a person. I might actually be convinced to be more paranoid than I already am about what the web can access.  It also means that I probably need to spend some time updating all those sites to the most current information regarding my writing and what I want people, i.e. authors, editors, publishers, and others, to see. Have a house for a profile pic probably is not the best if someone is trying to find you/me.

The task was to also use Yahoo and Bing along with any other search engine you wanted. I think I will take one search at a time until then…

Happy Writing



2 thoughts on “October Platform Challenge-Day 20

  1. The ‘paranoia’ is well advised as you discovered in your search for yourself. And your goal is to enlarge your online footprint! It helps when your online presence is a pen name. In that circumstance, you can actually take delight in every mention turned up in a search. As to your question on Google +, being as new to it as you are, I’m not much help. I simply marked every setting I could find for ‘Public’ and let the chips fall where they may.


    • Thank you for your comment. I couldn’t think of a good pen name. And being that my name is somewhat unique already it would be easy to find me. Altho if anyone has some pen name suggestions I would entertain the ideas.


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