Silent but not Gone

Silent but not Gone seems a bit weird for a title however I wanted to let everyone know that I haven’t been writing for there are not enough hours in the day. Well, along with I have many ideas but each one seems strange compared to other blogs that I subscribe to and I feel my posts are lacking a finesse that I haven’t found yet, so please bare with me as I try to find my voice again.

The Platform Challenge ended in October and basically so did my blog writing for several good reasons. Here they are in order of silliness.

  1. Later on the 28th of October I was washing my dishes in the sink just getting the few items that need to be hand washed done as I waited for the water to boil for my supper. I came to that item in the water, a mincing blade, for lack of better wording, a single horizontal blade on one side and two on the other side of a center column. I have washed this many a time with out incident, not that evening. I’m getting the bottom blade clean by shoving the washcloth between the two blade and whoosh, cloth slides sideways making the blade very clean except for the part where the cloth has now has a 2in hole cut into it right where my right middle finger was pressing on it. Let it be known that actually getting a slice in your finger doesn’t hurt, it hurts when the air touches it! Now that being said, I think it’s like a big paper cut. HA HA! and start shaking my hand until I realize, that I am now spreading droplets of blood over the ink, up onto the ceiling, onto the upper cabinets, and behind me on the kitchen floor. Quickly stopping that motion, trying really hard to not panic I call for my daughter to get a few large size bandages.  You are now probably thinking, gross…yuck, and you would be correct however I am holding my finger so tight that I have yet to determine the damage. My daughter brings the bandaides over and we attempt to put them on my finger that as I let go of the cut area-drips blood. I’m thinking “well that isn’t a good sign”. Several bandaides later I call my husband-work meeting, promptly asking him “how deep does a cut have to be to get stitches?” to which he replies, “Deep and I’ll be right home.”  That’s our conversation. He knows me well enough that even my silliest questions are full of “oh crap, what did she do now” and “yup, she really did”.  Keeping in mind that I would have gone to the Urgent care had I been able to release my finger from a death grasp, or some might say keeping pressure on a bleeding wound; however this is my right hand and can’t let go of said pressure long enough to get the car started let alone into the appropriate gear to get me there and my daughter without either one of us panicking and potentially passing out-that is what she would do. Now to shorten the story. Hubs came home, sis came over to comfort child while I was at urgent care with hubs getting 3 extremely tight stitches put in by an ungodly sharp needle which, no matter how much Novocaine/or equivalent is put into your hand, you will feel every one very sharply while trying to not pass out and refusing to look at the wound until several weeks later. The timing was nice as my wound covering was several layer of gauze that made my finger easily able to flip off everyone I showed what happened and with a sharpie add a smiley face and be a ghost for Halloween. Needless to say I still can’t type with that finger, yet, however I have a callus and some loss of feeling so far at the tip just below the nail that I am hoping will eventually go back to the way it was but I am not sure that it ever will. And that dear readers is the first of many “adventures” that has kept me from writing for over a month.

    P.S. One item off the “bucket” list – I have now had stitches. LOL

I am curious to know what kind of “adventures” have kept you from writing?

Happy Writing


One thought on “Silent but not Gone

  1. Haha! Trena, this was a hoot! Sorry, it probably wasn’t that funny at the time, I hope you’re feeling better now. Usually when I sit down to write, for some reason the kids get right outside of my room, and fight! I don’t know, it’s like they have a special radar or something! Hoping that you’re starting to get some writing in now, and that your finger is healing up nicely! Thanks so much for sharing!

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