January thoughts

Everyone thinks about their new year resolutions/goals/ideas in January. The downfall of this month as it leaves out all the other months that a person can start new goals/wishes/dreams. What January leaves us with failure or disillusionment half way through. I mean if you really want to makes changes or do something, just do it! Easier said than done, I know, however if you follow it up with hard work, determination, and a PLAN, then you are already half way there and the rest will seem easy…goal accomplished!  Boy does that feel good when it happens.

I have been following a couple, Betsy and Warren Talbot from An Uncluttered Life, for a year or two. They are super funny, down to earth people. They both have made their lives work for them, a great source of inspiration for me, and they give out some sound advice. One for this year is to take all your lofty goals and map them out in two week sprints. Sorta of mini-habit building technique, but small enough to give you an idea of what works and what doesn’t for you and your situation.

One of their first steps was to have you write down 26 different items you wanted to change in your life. I did not get to 26 but the list can evolve as the year progresses. My first two weeks was getting my financial views adjusted to real-time with a new budget and no lofty aspirations of going off track, YNAB is a great tool – recommended by me. I look at my finances and make sure i’m not going over budget. Two weeks was a great start for me to make sure I could afford what I really truly wanted to buy and if I could. Budgeting and money planning in a smarter way.

The next two weeks…here we are. Taking and working on my writing. I am taking a writing course from Future Learn, Start Writing Fiction. It’s an easy pace but it’s eight weeks long, a bit of an overlap, but I know I can do it. I also started participating with Jerry Jenkins Writing Guild. Learning fiction from a man who has sold over 187 books, I am sure that I will be able to learn something from him. Plus he is going to hands-on for webinars and some special editing times during the month, very exciting.

I also entered a contest Writers Digest put on ‘Short Short Story Competition’. Had to be under 1500 words…I never realized that my stories go way beyond that so I had to cut it down, so really not sure on how it will reviewed by the judges however I should get some “professional” feedback. LOL – at least I tried and now have a good basic start for another story other than the one I started in November for NaNoWriMo, still have to get back to that one. So much to do but lets not get overwhelmed.

Moving on, this next week is for writing to finish up week 2 spring, then begins the scrapbook affair. I am switching over to digital scrapbooks instead of the paper in hand, just can’t handle all of the “extra” stuff that comes along with doing it that way. I am hoping it will be economical as I still have quite a few scrapbooks unopened. I have several challenges that come with the change. I have some printed events that really should go into books however I have 3-4 years worth of photos that I never printed to go through, they aren’t getting looked at sitting on the hard drive.

Where do I begin? A 5 day scrapbook retreat starts feb 3 and I hope that I can gather all the photos and put them on my laptop, burn to CD, or USB drives. Not sure how many years I will be able to get on them. I also have two programs that I can use for digital scrapbooks. Close To My Heart has one but it requires internet to access, the other is Panstoria, does not require internet but I am not familiar with it at all plus my 30 day trial is going to end soon and I haven’t tried it out very much…will be doing that tomorrow while I am working, me thinks.   Now if you have had any experience with either program please let me know your thoughts.

How are your new aspirations for 2016 coming along?  Faltering? Start anew, I know you can do it.

Until next time, Happy Writing & Adventuring


2 thoughts on “January thoughts

  1. Wow Trena! You sound like you’re having a great start to your New Year! And, you are so right about January, if it turns out to be a flop it can be so disappointing. I try to set goals for every month and I like to give myself deadlines. For example when writing a first draft, I usually dedicate six weeks, then plan out my daily word count. Something else I have been playing with lately is picking a focus for the week and working really hard to move forward in that one that area. There is something really cool about moving forward in leaps and bounds!
    Thanks so much for sharing, you have a lot of great ideas!

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