Reflections of Scrapbooking & Writing

It hit me this morning that Scrapbooking is a little like Writing. Most notably is that no matter how long it’s been you will start out a little slow at first to get your bearings. As the day progress’ it becomes easier to create that page of pictures. A little like writing starting out with a few lines, possibly of nothing, then progressing into several paragraphs then pages and more pages until the story is finished. The scrapbook is done with all its pictures telling a small story hopefully added by some journalling – writing the story for that moment, as no one else knows what happened there but you, that needs to be told for a picture may tell a 1000 words but sometimes it needs a little help to get there.

I am at a Retreat with 14 other people. They are all telling their photos stories, some digitally some doing it by hand. None of us are judging their pages against ours everyone has a different way to tell a story so as writers how can we judge what we write against other either. We tell our story one way and another will tell there story their way. It’s not wrong just different which in the end doesn’t matter as now there is a story that is at least written and out in the world for others to enjoy. Just like a scrapbook page, we can share it with others, in the end its what we created is now out of the computer or camera and can be viewed by others.


Don’t be afraid to put your story out there. It is wonderful!

Happy Writing


One thought on “Reflections of Scrapbooking & Writing

  1. Trena, I love your analogy between scrapbooking and writing! At first we come to the blank page, then decorate it with our own unique pictures, experiences and voices. Each one of us brings something that is special! Thank you so much for sharing!


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