Bad Habits or something else?

I was reading a fellow blogger’s blog today on Writing Drunk, Edit Sober and it rang a bit true. Putting our selves and our thoughts out for the masses to read, relate, or even dismiss is a scary endeavor. I will admit to you that I don’t always thing what I write is read worthy or even very interesting, so I don’t post very often. I know that isn’t always fair to you that do read my posts. I make no guarantees but do hope that you stick around for times that I do write and ‘give up’ my thoughts for you to react to. I will try to stick to my byline of my “adventures”.

I chose ‘Adventures’ as my life, at least in my opinion, is never very normal. That might just by my skewed view of it, however you tell me if it’s just me or are my little ‘adventures’ a little odd.

The past two days have been unseasonably warm here in Minnesota, we actually broke a record yesterday for 70 degrees, yeah, just typical Minnesota weather. In my mind the wonderful warmth needed to be felt to its fullest after a long day at work. This feeling needed to be felt by all member of my family especially the dog who rather enjoys being outside with her humans. I announce my plans to my daughter as she is the closest, “I am taking the dog and myself for a walk. I would love for you to join me, perhaps not today but tomorrow for sure!”
“I’ll go with you now. Let me get my socks and boots.”
Yes she actually wore her snowboots on our walk. I wasn’t complaining, she is coming with!  Win for Mom.  We walked and enjoyed the weather and time together.
~repeat for day 2, another score for mom to get child out of house in fresh air!
Which brings me to Day 3. Minnesota weather, it’s now a high of 45degrees, raining/misting all day long, blustering so hard the window rattle at times, so not really feeling up for a walk.

After dinner and clean up, I’m settling in to do some writing. If you are a lucky person to be owned by animals, even thing that statement will bring the furry friends running. I am currently writing AROUND a cat on my lap. She’s not just curled into a ball, she is fully stretched out paws extended. I need one of those over the lap trays so I can type.

Sorry distracted by purring. So I’m settled and now hear from the other side of my laptop screen a bit of soft whining. Absently telling the dog to shush apparently is the code to continue and be louder about it. I mean do dogs get taught by their parents that this works right after they are born or do human just give off those vibrations that dogs KNOW what will annoy us? Proceeding on, this goes on for as much as I can stand it. I am eliminating the obvious, she’s been fed, treats have been given and eaten, and she’s gone out for a bathroom break. So uttering the phrase “show me” makes her shove her nose into the back of my leg and with her head giving me the direction of whatever she is trying to tell me. Turns out tonight it’s a direction to grab the leash off the wall and go for a walk. I’m not sure how some people think that dogs don’t think, all I know is that if anyone tells you that humans are not trainable, they are wrong, dog wrong.

What is your fun animal direction story? I would love to hear that mine isn’t the only one that pushes me to do things I don’t want to do.

Don’t worry no animals were hurt in the progression of this story however she’s not a total pushover, we didn’t go for a walk, she settle for another treat instead and is now sleeping peacefully next to me.

2016-01-10 20.37.15


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