About Me

I am an Introvert!  However that does not stop me from wanting to try out new writing thoughts, perhaps be amusing OR go for silly adventures. Now those adventures might just be in my backyard or to the far ends of Egypt and beyond.  I would be humbly glad if you decided to follow along; sending me the occasional encouragement, Negativity need not apply, and cheers for putting my thoughts out to the universe.

I generally have several crazy things going on at the same time. No idea why, keeps me on my toes and well makes me “crazy”, wait NO “Original”. I used to find it annoying, I have now embraced the oddness and am trying to find humor/positivity in all that happens.

My goal is to become a well rounded writer by expressing events that are engaging and make a person want to read a little bit more about the story. I am hoping that this platform will lead me to writing several full novels about murder mysteries. I’m just starting out in the writing adventure part of my life and am finding it fun, challenging, and a little nerve wracking. My personal challenge is to no longer wait for adventures to find me but to go out an actively seek them. My hope is to inspire you, dear reader, to start your own adventure, however you are more than welcome to tag along on mine.



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